About Us


Jezzelle.com is a shining example of what happens when a creative mind takes advantage of change.
Mr. Elle took a minute to tell our online customers about the history of Jezzelle and how it all started.

       ‘’In the past few years, my wife had been asking me, with all of your experience in the fashion industry, why not create collections for clothing for women? So I have now decided to build a different trademark which would identify with my current brand, Elle menswear. We intend to expand the ladies collections in the coming months and years to make it one of the most desirable fashion trends for women.

               I started with men’s clothing in 1971 working for a high-end public company, and in 1979 I have decided to open my own business in the luxury clothing and footwear for men. My clients range from royalty to high government officials and top international businessmen that appreciate high value clothing.


All the suits and jackets are hand tailored by the finest tailors in the world, using high quality fabrics with weaving ranging from SUPER 150’s to SUPER 250’s, pure cashmere and pure silk. Our shirts are made from 100% fine cotton and 100% pure silk. Shoes are handmade of the finest quality leather and other materials. We also sell high quality luggage and wallets for men.
My lifelong love of fashion reflects on my hobbies as well. I have done between 450-500 paintings so far, a lot of them being representations of models and other important fashion personalities.’’

             If you have any further questions about our products, or anything else we would be more than happy to answer your questions.
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